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December News

  • Court rejects appeal over drug trial at which judge officials allegedly lied
  • Judge considers multiple juries in trials over perjury
  • Case Documents:
  • Order Denying Leave; Justices Markman & Hathaway Dissent
  • Dissenting Opinion Of Justice Markman

October News

  • Judge, cops to stand trial on perjury charges.
  • Retired judge, cops bound over for alleged lies in drug bust case.
  • Drug bust didn't turn out the way informant had hoped

September News

  • Attorney General can persecute retired judge.
  • AG cleared of conlfict of interest.

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Video: "Police, Prosecutor, and the Judge were all involved."
David L. Moffitt talks with the press.

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Fox News, Channel 4, and Channel 7.

David L. Moffitt speaks to the media regarding perjury case.

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Blog - Judge / Prosecutor / Police Perjury In Michigan: People v Aceval

Karen Plants/ Waterstone/ Aceval Perjury Case-

Read actual transcripts of the alleged conspiracy and legal briefs filed in the continuing battele to free Mr. Aceval. New documents posted weekly.

Click here to read Aceval case documents.

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